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The thought behind

Thought behind Nature, activities and techniques to find inner peace has for centuries been used and known as a powerful combination.


Explorers, mountaineers and philosophers have long described and defined what they experience through being close to themselves and nature at the same time -over time. 


Many of us have experienced glimpses through nature. Sunrise on a mountaintop, light and smell of a small fire in the dark, your body wakes up when the storm whips cheeks. 


It's not about efficiency techniques, production or perfection, but about peace, acceptance and understanding of how we work in ourselves and in interaction with nature.


It's not about being a man who does, but a man who IS.  FinneUT (Finding OUT) gang burner for dissemination of their professional knowledge on popular show.


Our partners are qualified in nature, wildlife, psychological and educational fields, but they have one thing in common; understand how nature affects us. They have thus understood the point of teaching the world's most spectacular classrooms: OUT!  


Finding OUT offers courses, instruction and guidance. In groups or alone.


We are conducting a lot of teaching outside -through walks in natural treasures and gathering around the campfire. 


The weather, the light, the wind and the landscape varies. Maybe it's the darkest autumn evenings which causes the fire to shine most clearly? 


Join us and find OUT.

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