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the team

One can never be good at everything. But you can get really good at a lot together. Our partners have unique qualities in different areas - but they have two things in common.

They understand the relationship between mental health and recreation and they are properly cool people.We look forward to every mission we have with them. These great people allows us to create new offers for you all the time

Anita Pedersen (psychologist)

Anita has been with FinneUT from its humble beginnings. She is a psychologist and specialist in cognitive therapy and mindfulness. She is stuck doodle partner and always there when needed. Develops and lecturer.  

Rune Krogh (climber -ice/glacier, ski&cave explorer)

Beyond limits are one of our loyal partners. Rune, who is running the firm has unique expertise in ice / snow / climbing / caving and dogs.
Spring 2015 he went to the North Pole and work today scroll Børge Ausland as guide.

When you order an activity from us you will get the best guides in the area. We focus on safety, knowledge and service. 

Welcome to join us!


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