As different humans we walk on different paths.

SOMETIMES we just need a hand to hold on to. 
SOMEWHERE a door to be opened.
SOMEHOW a little bit of empathy. 

Contact us, and we will do our best to facilitate your way

High or Low.
Fast or Slow.

The healing effect starts immediately when you 
let nature surround you.


about us

We won't brag about innovation and new ideas. This idea is old. Its actually super duper old. 

Nature. Healing. Man.

Still -somewhere along the road it seams like some of us lost our most important gift as human beings. Awareness. Our idea is to bring awareness back. With a little bit more knowledge this time. We want to unite the biggest forces we know: 

Nature. Man. Awareness. Knowledge.
What we will brag about is nature. Spectacular nature in our amazing location. Meløy. Our unike competence in nature, awareness training, man& mind. At last - our qualified, hard working team with compassion for their field and for people in general.

An adventure with us is multidimensional. You will be active, hear, see, feel, taste, study, be still and learn. Together we will look for the parts of us that we lost:  Presence, silence & maybe a little bit of happiness.


in love

we are in love with the place we live
the glacier
the mountains
the sea
the people

this is why we always give back